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About Puns

The history of puns is interesting, they go back to ancient times. Wikipedia has some detailed information about puns and their origination.

One of the things we learned about puns is how many types of puns there are. The word-play used in the writing of puns does differ. A homophonic pun uses words that sound alike, but have different meanings and spellings. And a homographic pun uses words that are spelled the same, but have different meanings. There are even more types, but these two major categories seem to cover the majority of the puns we all know and love.

Another thing we learned is that there a large pun sub-culture who meet, have contests and generally enjoy the challenge of writing clever lines.

Here at GolfPuns.com we have set out to create a large database of golf puns for all to enjoy. We are not "borrowing" puns, we are writing them all as original puns, so any similarities to other golf puns you see online is truly coincidental.

If you enjoy our puns, please link to us from your website and/or social media. We plan to continue writing new puns and hope to have the largest collection of golf puns on the web!